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Distinction between zirconia and silicon nitride

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[ Ceramic bearing ] Zirconium oxide and Silicon nitride Difference
      Zirconia is white, the general practice is to use zirconia inside and outside the ball and ball. The cage is made of PTFE (or Teflon), nylon, which can withstand temperatures of not more than 240 degrees. However, if the temperature is above 240 degrees to 400 degrees, it is necessary to use zirconia balls. It can withstand temperatures of about 400 degrees.

Silicon nitride is black. The general practice is to use silicon nitride inside and outside the ball and ball. The cage is made of PTFE (Tie Fulong), one of nylon, so the temperature is not more than 240 degrees (because PTFE PTFE itself is nylon, so the product will have no more than 240 degrees if it has this material. Over 400 degrees (or 240 degrees to 400 degrees). Zirconium oxide The ball is filled with silicon nitride, and the maximum temperature of silicon nitride balls is 1200 degrees. Moreover, silicon nitride has much better corrosion and wear resistance than zirconium oxide, but the price of silicon nitride is more expensive, which is much more expensive than zirconium oxide.
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