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Sintering ability of ceramics
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Ceramic sintering is the densification process and phenomenon of ceramic green at high temperature. With the increase of temperature and the extension of time, solid particles are bonded to each other, grains grow, pores (pores) and grain boundaries gradually decrease, and the total volume shrinkage and density increase through the transfer of materials, and finally become hard and polycrystalline sintered bodies with some microstructure. This phenomenon is called sintering. Sintering is a process to reduce the porosity, enhance the combination of particles, and improve mechanical strength. During the sintering process, with the increase of temperature and the prolongation of heat treatment time, the porosity decreases and the binding force between particles increases. When the temperature reaches a certain temperature and a certain heat treatment time, the binding force between particles is the maximum. After exceeding the maximum value, the porosity tends to increase slightly, while the grain size increases and the mechanical strength decreases. Before the sintering of ceramic products, it is necessary to discharge glue before sintering.

The flying ceramic has many high temperature energy saving lifting furnace (electric sintering furnace) and large LPG high temperature kiln (gas sintering furnace), the monthly sinter capacity can reach 5 million or more. Our factory is still in further expansion, we plan to add 2 large LPG high temperature kilns and tunnel kilns, which can provide our customers with better quality ceramic products.