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Welcome to Dongguan many hardware Ceramics Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in zirconia ceramics.

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Surface roughness is Ceramic parts After forming and sintering, there will be many uneven bumps and sunken grains on the surface. It must be processed through ceramic processing equipment such as internal and external grinding machines and centerless grinders. The ceramic parts indicate that the surfaces with matching requirements or relative motion requirements have small Ra values. The smaller the Ra value, the higher the surface quality and the higher processing cost. In order to reduce the cost, the larger Ra value should be selected as far as possible.

Common ceramic surface roughness machining method :

1. rough surface: suitable for non-contact surfaces such as milling and milling, such as chamfering, drilling, etc.

2. internal surface processing: polishing machine, internal grinding equipment, etc.

3. the most smooth surface (mirror): grinding, mirror grinding, super finishing, etc.

The accuracy we can process.

dimensional accuracy

Up to 0.001mm


Maximum reachable mirror


Up to 0.003mm


Up to 0.002mm

Bore tolerance

Minimum Machinable 0.005mm

Straight groove

The narrowest Machinable groove width is 0.1 x 100mm

Thickness dimension

Minimum Machinable to 0.02mm


Minimum Machinable internal thread M2, unlimited external thread


Up to 0.004mm

Linear Tolerance

Up to 0.001mm

Minimum pore size

Minimum Machinable 0.07mm