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Welcome to Dongguan many hardware Ceramics Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in zirconia ceramics.

Ceramic dispensing valve ceramic plunger ceramic suction disc sucker

Specializing in alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramics processing and customization

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Dongguan many many hardware Ceramics Co., Ltd.
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Address: No. 6 Chuang Road, Shang Sha first industrial area, Changan Town, Dongguan.

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[many ceramics] Ltd. is back to work!

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[ Many ceramics The limited company is back to work.
    Dongguan many many hardware Ceramics Co., Ltd. It is a professional manufacturer of zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramic structural parts. The company is composed of a group of technicians engaged in precision machining of tungsten steel and precision machining of special ceramics. Our ceramic products are mainly precision ceramic structural parts used in industrial fields.
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The ceramic structural parts, which are produced and sold, are widely used in instrumentation, food and medical, solar photovoltaic, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductor, petrochemical, automotive, military, aerospace and other high-end areas.

The company has ceramic molding and sintering. Ceramic precision machining The main equipments include: isostatic press molding machine, injection molding machine, centerless grinder, surface grinder, automatic honing machine, Beijing precision carving machine, numerical control cylindrical grinding machine, high temperature energy saving lifting furnace and LPG high temperature kiln; we have close cooperation with the scientific research institutions of famous universities in China, and many, through years of unremitting efforts, rely on professional knowledge and practical experience. Some achievements have been made in the research and development of ceramic materials and the preparation of ceramic materials. The composite process and the precise machining method have obtained new ceramic products with low cost and high performance, and greatly increased the technical content and added value of the products.
Since ancient times Ceramic technology The development is closely related to the progress of human civilization, and is a new type in modern society. Zirconia ceramics The material has excellent comprehensive properties, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high insulation, which are restricted by other materials. It further expands the application field, creating a new special environmental protection gorgeous chapter in twenty-first Century.
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